Monday, June 10, 2013

3D Printing takes off in Ireland

Cork City became the first City in Ireland to host a public 3D printing course (as far as we're aware..). The participants who come from a wide range of backgrounds conceived and printed their own designs guided by instructors from Viewsion Virtual Environments.

The Course poster depicts the transformation from a classical sculpture into a digital matrix

L-R Participants Sue Aylwin, Michelle Kiely, Laura Maye, Scott Carey, Paul (Me), Donal O'Donohoe, (Terry O'Brien- not in photo) showing their work from the course.

The Tiger's Head designed and prepared for print by Michelle Kiely

The course which started May 1st ran for four Wednesdays and finished with students reviewing their own 3D prints. There were discussions about patenting, manufacturing, marketing and model optimisation. Participants are invited to keep the discussion about their own exploits in 3D printing. We look forward to their wonderful work!

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out about our course, please check our descriptor page

Prints were supplied by C-CAD, a local CAD provider and the collaboration of Jim Barrett for which we are most grateful. 


Alex Oliver said...

Thanks for sharing, Paul! Do you think you'd ever want to try having a School DesignerDojo event here in California? ;)

Viewsion Virtual Environments said...


Absolutely! What about a G+ linked DesignerDojo? Let's discuss it. Before or after Christmas?

Alex Oliver said...

Let's discuss after Christmas. Email or message me first thing in the New Year and we can think it through. Awesome!

Happy Holidays!