Friday, March 27, 2009

Cork School of Music now on Google Earth 3d layer!

At last we have a model of a premier Cork building up on GE. Thanks to all who nominated it for the Best of 3d Warehouse prize! Also many thanks to José Manuel (blue ribbon modeller) and Josh Reilly of Google for their assistance. Here's to more of the same in the future...

Viewsion will be looking to encourage more people to produce models for Cork City and get Cork City Council involved.

We'll keep you posted...

Find the model on 3d Warehouse here:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Irish Architect's SketchUp collection now online...

I have been beavering away on a collection of images of my work in SketchUp along with some photos of the resulting buildings. I will be adding to this collection over time and reorganising, adding captions etc.

The image below is from a model of the Glucksman Art Museum in University College Cork designed by O'Donnell & Tuomey Architects, a Dublin practise that is producing some very important work. I have placed the model on Google 3D Warehouse (many thanks to José Manuel who has mentored me on modelling for Google Earth) I submitted it to Google Earth in the hope that it will be selected for the 3D layer, and so milluns and milluns of people from all around the world will gasp in awe at their computer screens when they visit Cork in GE.... OK so maybe I exaggerate a bit... Thanks also to Josh Reilly in Google for his assistance behind the scenes.

From viewsion aspire architecture portfolio drawings
Above: The Glucksman Museum UCC, Cork, Ireland.

 Below is a presentation of a recent project- an energy efficient dwelling in North Cork. I have found that SketchUp representation of a building is a great way to deliver exactly what you design, rather than leaving things to interpretation by the builder (or the client...)

Below is a sample of a an energy efficient dwelling project run entirely on SketchUp without the "aid" of CAD

From viewsion aspire architecture portfolio drawings

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