Monday, December 12, 2011

Is SketchUp BIM coming of age?

In June 2010 I published an article on this blog entitled SketchUp: A Natural BIM platform This was an expression of desire to see BIM produced using a low cost/ free resource. The high costs of many software systems makes them a perfect target for low-cost clones/ replacements.

Earlier this year I gave a presentation to a Group of Learned Gentlemen (and Learned GentleWomen) entitled "SketchUp to BIM". The Group seemed not to grasp entirely the point of the presentation,  some instead preferring to question whether I should be giving it in the first place*.... Not a great place to start, but as Le Corb would say: "What are you doing????!!... You are an XXXX!!!" (Words blanked out for the sake of propriety.)

However, even since the presentation I have discovered other equally aberrant souls who would also like to see SketchUp perform some BIM functions.

To find out what I have learned, please check out my website SketchUp2BIM for links and resources. If you have any suggestions for further inclusion, I will be delighted to have them.

Here is a user video for a new plugin I have been testing from D-E-X called SketchUpBIM:


*Perhaps an alternative talk should have been scheduled for the people who didn't get the presentation. Please send your suggestions for topics to