Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cork Star Pupil appears on Google Earth

One bright spark student from St. Angela's College Cork has become the first person to challenge our position as most prolific Google Earth Modellers in Cork City, Ireland. Niamh Shanahan, (who received minimal training from us as part of a work experience week) has produced 3 excellent models (so far) of old shop buildings in Cork. We love the competition. Keep it up Niamh! Check her models out on 3D Warehouse and Google Earth... (Make sure the "3D buildings Layer" is switched on in the left hand side panel.) Learn about the 3D building layer here

Check out the full Cork City & County 3D buildings collection here

Image of Black Tie building, Cork City, Ireland.

Black Tie Building, St. Patrick's Street, Cork City.

Falvey's Chemist, Bridge Street, Cork City. 

Music Store, St. Patrick's Street, Cork City. 

Switching on the 3D Buildings Layer
in Google Earth