Thursday, May 21, 2009

Contractors using SketchUp to make the building process more efficient and enjoyable

We came across a blog called "Insitebuilders" which is a superb reportage on how 3d drawing software is helping to change the way buildings are constructed. This (exciting, but lets face it, fairly obvious) extension to the way SketchUp is being used, is going to be a godsend to builders who are bogged down with more and more tedious paperwork as expanding legal requirements demand more and more piles of paper to fulfil legal criteria.

It will not be long before tender documentation will be based on 3d models, and anyone who wishes to keep up with the posse needs to start thinking 3d software. The question for architects/ engineers/ designers today is not "will I change to 3d software?" because the answer to that question is fairly obvious. The real question for any drawing office is "What 3d package will I use?"