Saturday, April 18, 2009

Standard Steel and Construction Components plugin!

Calling all engineers and architects- Engineering Toolbox has created a fantastic plugin that allows users to select from a standard array of steel and pipework components- and whats really brilliant is the ability to input bespoke lengths, colours etc. 
The plugin works a treat even on my Mac! Needs SketchUp 7 to work properly.

 Download the plugin here (Right-click and save file if it doesn't download properly) Check out how to install plugins on our previous blog post (below).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Viewsion's List of Essential Plugins

Viewsion's Top 5 SketchUp Plugins
2. Mirror Selection
This is a context click (i.e. right-click on an object) command. Input the plane (3 points) in which you want to    perform the mirror operation and hit enter.
This command should have been included in SketchUp. Anyway, here it is. Once installed, you can find this command under the Draw menu or in the list of available tool buttons
This is a context click (i.e. right-click on a Group) command. A popup window allows you to input parameters for level of accuracy. (Object must be grouped and group closed)This context click (i.e. right-click on an object) command is a must have for landscape design:
It literally drops multiple trees down onto your 3d landscape. Superb time saver.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thanks to Gary McGinty

Thanks to Gary McGinty of for telling us about