Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making humans (virtually)


Making humans is now easier than getting agreement from a consenting adult.... Except these humans are virtual. This is an intriguing blog post by Johnj about an open-source body-generating system called "Makehuman". If you happen to have Blender installed (to export to .3ds) you can import your humans to SU.

Making "paintings" of humans is about to get really interesting. Carravagio eat your heart out!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Excellent online magazine for SketchUp Enthusiasts!

Just in case you hadn't downloaded any issues yet of SketchUp Ur Space, you can download the latest issues here

This is a great magazine full of features. The May issue introduces all the Authorised Training Centres around the world.

May 2011 Magazine

SketchUp4Architect (who create the magazine) do some great models on their website also...

Its great to see this initiative from the SketchUp4Architect team in West Bengal, India. It reminds me how small the world has become! We hope to contribute soon with some articles..

Friday, June 10, 2011

County Mayo shows Ireland how it's done

County Mayo is becoming a bit of a digital hub. Besides being where my mother hails from, it is the current Taoiseach's county, Mayo's endeavours to progress in the use of technology have been quite impressive. Recently St. Colman's School introduced an option to use iPads instead of books, and now Westport has featured in the official Google SketchUp Blog for it's Town of Tomorrow initiative.

Model created by the students in Google SketchUp representing students' ideas for the development of Westport town.
I hope Ireland takes up on Mayo's initiatives. We need more of this!