Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gearing up for the Election

Not wanting to get all political, but it has to be said that this blogger is relishing the prospects of this upcoming 2008 election, and the fact that someone with a bit of something new to say might just get into the White House.

Can you guess which candidate I'm talking about?

First prize to be drawn from a list of correct entries gets an all expenses paid unlimited time vacation to a little resort in southern Cuba direct from Shannon on a private jet! (No age or passport restrictions...)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Damien Mulley's Presentation on Media & Marketing at Webworks

Damien Mulley, an acquaintance of mine for a long time, campaigner for broadband in Ireland, blogger, journalist, and former oil company exec (.. only kidding) gave a fascinating insight today into the world of blogging, getting known, talking to journalists, networking, etc.

Damien did a real nice job on the presentation, a radically fresh departure from blue-background-sliding-text-TimesNewRomanFont-powerpoint presentations that we've all- lets face it- really had enough of. He used some decent playful imagery to "entertain those who might be distracted or falling asleep" I especially liked the image that played on the WWF acronym conflict- a picture of the two pandas (as in the World Wildlife Fund panda)- one thrashing the other with a deckchair.

The "getting into the mind of a busy journalist" was a very interesting insight- deadlines, pressure, spam all being contributory factors to not getting your submission read by that all-important guru of the public domain.

And, of course, what better day to start this blog than the same day that Damien gave his masterclass?

see www.mulley.net for a decent blog