Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Move Trimble!

This is a good thing- it needed to happen. SketchUp is foremost an AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) tool. Though Google is not an AEC company, it is understandable why Google wanted to buy it and turn it into a Google Earth-model-making-machine, and with SketchUp 8 integrating not only Google Earth and 3D Warehouse but also Streetview they have done awesome work.

But Google Earth modelling is only one tiny part of SketchUp's capabilities. There is so much more potential for this platform. Google was not the right company to take it to the next step.

(Note: Lovers of free software need not be alarmed as free SketchUp will remain free.)

Authorised Training Centres hope to get a lot of support to spread the goodness that is SketchUp in their own countries/ regions. I get the feeling that Trimble, with an understanding the AEC market, knows the importance of this. We are very curious to see how interaction with Tekla, their BIM (Building Information Modelling) platform will play out. This could be very very big....

SketchUp is a great brand. The people who work there are awesome and we hope they will grow in strength with their new owners. We are behind you!