Thursday, July 14, 2011

Exporting STL Files from SketchUp

We are getting excited about 3D Printing. Recently we joined up with Cork Hackerspace who are a bunch of technology enthusiasts in Cork. I hadn't seen any examples of printed objects but one member has a 3D printer.

Below is a great new development published on the Ponoko blog that will make 3D Printing easier.

I also have a plugin called Sculpteo. Its a 3D printing service that plugs right in to SketchUp.

I haven't used their service yet but hope to give it a go soon.. 3D printing is so beautifully geeky its bound to become the norm.


Anonymous said...

If you are interested in making your 2D SketchUp files into physical 3D files, take a look at 2BOT's ModelMaker -

viewsion said...

Thanks for that tip John. Will check it out!

NumberSix said...

You might be interested to know that quite a few of the DIY 3D printer builders over on (including myself) are now using SketchUp with various import/export stl plug-ins, and finding SketchUp a valuable tool.

NumberSix (Limerick, Ireland)

3D Histórico Georreferenciado said...

He liked to promote my blog with you!