Saturday, June 11, 2011

Excellent online magazine for SketchUp Enthusiasts!

Just in case you hadn't downloaded any issues yet of SketchUp Ur Space, you can download the latest issues here

This is a great magazine full of features. The May issue introduces all the Authorised Training Centres around the world.

May 2011 Magazine

SketchUp4Architect (who create the magazine) do some great models on their website also...

Its great to see this initiative from the SketchUp4Architect team in West Bengal, India. It reminds me how small the world has become! We hope to contribute soon with some articles..

1 comment:

MartĂ­ said...

being critical.

the Magazine font is Comic Sans..I mean seriously...

the first article I start reading says "Nearly 11 years ago Google changed the world of 3D modeling by introducing SketchUp"

no mention to @Last Software, no mention to the fact that Google simply helped spreading SketchUp by aqcuiring it (in 2006, not 11 years ago).

I don't know, will give it a second try but just these two things seem enough to not say "Excellent online magazine"