Monday, November 23, 2009

Google Earth: For Planning, Tourism and a million other uses.

Many people who aren't crazy about the internet (about half of the Irish population by my pessimistic estimation) and who have seen Google Earth, wonder what the use of GE3D models are, when I bring the subject up.  The problem with answering this question is where to start...... The potential uses are endless...

Next Wednesday, I will be meeting the Lord Mayor of Cork City Ireland to propose getting Cork on the map as a 3D featured city. Myself and Alan O'Brien want to make Cork a hub for Google products. (Any help from GE, GApps, etc. would be much appreciated) We want to do our (little) bit to help haul this country out of the mire that it's currently in.

We are also hoping to help Cork school children learn about Google Earth and SketchUp with some free training sessions starting this December/ January. More about this later...

Wish us luck!.... Check out this video which explains a lot of what we're talking about:

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