Thursday, October 16, 2008

Damien Mulley's Presentation on Media & Marketing at Webworks

Damien Mulley, an acquaintance of mine for a long time, campaigner for broadband in Ireland, blogger, journalist, and former oil company exec (.. only kidding) gave a fascinating insight today into the world of blogging, getting known, talking to journalists, networking, etc.

Damien did a real nice job on the presentation, a radically fresh departure from blue-background-sliding-text-TimesNewRomanFont-powerpoint presentations that we've all- lets face it- really had enough of. He used some decent playful imagery to "entertain those who might be distracted or falling asleep" I especially liked the image that played on the WWF acronym conflict- a picture of the two pandas (as in the World Wildlife Fund panda)- one thrashing the other with a deckchair.

The "getting into the mind of a busy journalist" was a very interesting insight- deadlines, pressure, spam all being contributory factors to not getting your submission read by that all-important guru of the public domain.

And, of course, what better day to start this blog than the same day that Damien gave his masterclass?

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